Antonio M.? – Arlington, VA

What do you call people that save you from utter and complete insanity and chaos?


Yes, you could describe them as angels but in the real world we call them dependable and great people. Dependability, professionalism and all together some of the nicest people we’ve ever met. This is EXACTLY how I would describe the fine people at Largo Granite and Marble.

After being swindled by a faux granite contractor, we were hesitant to allow just anyone into our Maryland home. Gone was the trusting nature and willingness to believe in a contractor’s word, we had become cynical when talking to contractors and were screening potential companies with the utter most scrutiny.

Despite such hard scrutiny and tough screening, the fine folks at Largo Marble and Granite were always courteous and patient with us. The project manager Emrah rallied his team along with the owner Colby to right the wrongs of the other so called “contractor”. They understood why were were so tough and assured us that they would make everything right.

From the beginning, they were prompt in their initial visit, the took detailed notes and always kept us in the loop. They proved themselves to be honorable and dependable by calling or emailing documents exactly in the time promised. From these early encounters, they showed their professionalism and continued to win us over with their understanding nature.

When we met them in their showroom and picked out a granite slab, they watched out for us by closely inspecting each slab of granite to ensure we had the best cuts of granite. Twice they sent back some slabs of granite due to hairline fractures which were unacceptable by their high standards. Again, we were impressed and happy that a company would take such pride in providing high quality materials.

On the day of the granite install, the staff of Largo Marble and Granite quickly removed the horrible “work” from the other contractor and made sure their templates for cutting the granite were accurate. As my wife supervised the team, they worked quickly and kept the kitchen clean and dust free and were always happy to answer any questions my wife would ask.

Emrah came by to make sure the installation was going well and wanted to ensure we were happy with the work. Unlike the previous contractor, we had no comments or complaints and were happy at the quality of work we were seeing. Emrah and his team did their best to keep the environment stress free, professional and tidy.

As promised, the work was completed on time and the work site was left completely clean. We had woken up from a nightmare thanks to the great work of Largo Marble and Granite. Angels, all of them and we thank all of them for fixing what was once chaos and creating a harmoniously beautiful kitchen.

We would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone search for high quality work and very competitive prices. You too will be impressed at the craftsmanship of their work for such amazing prices.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Largo Marble and Granite!

Shachi B. - Washington, DC

I wholeheartedly second Antonio M’s review. In fact, I called Largo Granite because of Antonio’s recommendation (See? Who says yelp doesn’t work!).
I was about to pull the trigger with another granite supplier in Lorton and thought I’d check out one more place, just for comparison sake. Largo’s showroom was quite a hike from Washington, DC but I figured since I’m only going to install granite in my kitchen once, I should do my research and make the trip. Boy, am I glad I did! The prices here are about 25% less than other area retailers, so I was sold.

Their showroom is attached to their warehouse, which stores their granite slabs. If you’re looking to redo countertops, DO NOT go to Lowe’s/Home Depot/any big box store, since their 4 inch wide samples will NOT give you an accurate representation of what your counters will look like. Sure, a pattern looks great in a small square, but when you expand that to 60 square feet, you’re going to get a much different look.

My sales rep, Kuby walked me through the whole warehouse, and showed me the different granite slabs available. You can get anything from a white marble look-alike to the sleek black countertops available in high end kitchens. I opted for a granite with a lot of movement (it contains lots of swirls and waves) called Typhoon Bordeaux. I was able to pick the exact slab from the selection as well, which I appreciated.

A mere two days later, the team at Largo came to take the template of my countertop, and a few days after that, everything was installed. Installation went very seamlessly – they drilled the hole for my sink, faucet, garbage disposal button quickly, and also matched up the seams on my countertop perfectly. You really can’t tell where one piece of granite ends and the other begins, which speaks to the fact that they take pride in their work. (A sloppy installer wouldn’t care whether the seams match up).

I also opted to purchase a cutting board from the leftover granite and a stainless steel sink (18 gauge). Note: Any place that tells you they can’t make a cutting board out of the cutout of your cooktop/sink is lying. The sneaky, shady dealers will keep the cutout and sell the cutting board on their own (usually for $150-$200), which is BS since they’ve already charged you for that amount granite!

On the day of the delivery, Kuby forgot to polish the cutting board for me, so to make up for the small oversight, he gave me a second one! How’s that for excellent customer service?

I highly recommend them, and will definitely use Largo Granite again!

Mirel T. - Manassas, VA

I read the other review posted as 06/22/10. I am so sorry I do not have the right time to write down my full story of great satisfaction working with Largo Marble and Granite , I had in January 2011.

I vote with both my hands to the comments of the previous review,from 06/22/10. Largo Marble and Granite the best in quality, honesty and price.

Thank you Emrah, thank you, 
THANK YOU Largo Marble and Granite!

Bill S. - Potomac, MD

I have used Largo Marble and Granite for two projects each of which used about 50 sq. ft. of granite. I am exceptionally pleased with their work, service and prices and can recommend them with no reservations based on two transactions a year apart.

I selected Largo for the first project from three other Craigslist-obtained bidders because of price, which was several dollars per sq. ft. lower than then next lowest bid. The job was straightforward (3 rectangular pieces of absolute black granite) and I measured the job myself. It was an e-mail transaction entirely. I figured that there was no risk because they didn’t even ask for a down payment (go figure). I was very happy with their quickly delivered product and their installer was very precise.

I just completed another project a few weeks ago and again called upon Largo for the cabinet top in my wife’s refurbished office. This time I took them up on their offer to measure the job, as I wanted professionals to be responsible. Ralph, one of the measurer, did the measurements. I was impressed that he drove all the way to Rockville for my relatively small job. We got along great. Several days later, his installers delivered the granite top and installed it in record time. It fit the space like a glove and the best part is that Ralph was able to deliver the product in one piece with no cuts.
 It looks great in the finished office.

Kwang S. - Fairfax, VA

What a wonderful experience with friendly courteous customer service. The price was right, the work performed excellent, and the product met all quality standards. I highly recommend you consult with Largo Mable and Granite before searching any place else. Then compare others performance, price, quality, and customer service to Largo. You will not get a better deal.

Esta L. – Great Falls, VA

These people are fabulous. I saw a sign along the street about a Granite sale and it just so happened that I was on the way to get a bid from another company for granite for my bathroom countertops. After I went to the one estimate, I called LARGO and got directions and went to visit them also. They showed me the sale granite but also said they would honor that price for any pieces of scrap granite that would fit my size top. I found a beautiful peice that was price “C” that I got for price “A”. As promised it beat the other companies price. Not only was I happy with the price but the installment men were SOOOOO precise. No problems. It was done in less than a week from the first call.

Thank you Largo Marble for your great service.

Steven P. – Sterling, VA

Project: Install Stone Slab Countertops

I had a great experience with Largo. Lots of beautiful granites to choose from at great prices. The crew did an outstanding job installing my granite vanity. I am definitely using them again for when I redo my kitchen. And I would highly recommend them to anyone else.

Scott Lawson – Fairfax, VA

Great Company to Work With

We recently built a bar in our basement and the gentlemen at Largo Marble & Granite were great to work with. Their installation crew were just as impressive. We purchased inferior brackets to hold one section of granite up on our wall and were quicly advised that they recommend us not to use them and pretty much refused to install with our brackets. They were concerned with our 4 year old son hanging from the shelf and getting hurt – they quickly went to Home Depot and purchased acceptable ones. We couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product and the level of customer service that was provided by all at Largo

Greg W Wing – Alexandria, VA

We have the pleasure of getting a very smart kitchen by definitely what we would term as the most professional stone and marble contractor in NOVA. Kuby and his team gave us a free estimate which we did not feel the need to even double checkas looking at it we knew it was a steal. Trust me I am bargain hunter. In less than a week we had jobs that included plumbing also taken care of. The team took care of everything and we have a sparkling kitchen. We have never felt more proud of our place and we feel specially proud considering what we spent on it. I give these folks 5 stars and would highly recommend them. I would be willing to give a personal reference should anyone need it. Amazing amazing amazing contractor. Men of honor who keep their word!


60 sq ft of Uba Tuba, Gorgeous! I took advantage of their sale on Uba Tuba and have to say it’s gorgeous! Price was great and Emrah took very good care of me. Overall I’m super pleased with how easy the entire process was and my kitchen looks great! Everything from the estimate, to me changing something after the fact was easy and taken care of by Emrah. I would highly recommend!

James T.? – Sterling, VA

I am amazed with their work. Their prices right, they are on time, no tricks no hassle. Highly recomended…

Brian S. Rider? – 07/01/2010 – Washington, DC

A+ Highly recomended

Boris Kamidov?

Reasonable prices, quality work, recomended to anyone who wants “hassle free” work…

Christian Lanberg – 06/28/2010 – Alexandria, VA

Highly recomended… Happy with their work and prices.

George-Sherry Fisherman – Alexandria, VA

We are so happy with their job. We reccomend anyone who wants to upgrade their kitchen and bath.

George-Sherry Fisherman – Alexandria, VA

Quality work, fast turnaround, reasonable prices. Highly reccomended.